Columbus Teeth Whitening and Your Business


All we do at Columbus Teeth Whitening is teeth whitening. Therefore we are very knowledgeable and have lots of experience, having helped over 800 customers whiten their smile.  After almost 2 years of trying several products, we concluded that there just wasn't anything out there that was effective without causing moderate to severe sensitivity. That's when we decided to introduce Abella Ultra-White™ Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Products. We now offer products that are safe, affordable, and effective and are 99% sensitivity free.  We also supply several dentist offices with our Abella Ultra-White™ Products, after finding that many of them did not offer in-office teeth whitening because of the pain and sensitivity complaints from their customers.


Obtain new customers for your own business

When you partner with us we put your company's information on our website with a link to your website. We help promote your event on our website as well as on facebook where we have over 1200 "likes". We also have an email following of over 2000 and growing. When you become a partner of Columbus Teeth Whitening you are sure to get new customers for your business through our marketing efforts.


Have a teeth whitening event at your business location

Contact us about holding a teeth whitening event at your hair salon, health spa, tanning salon, nail salon, or other business.  We will agree on a day (or two) and bring promotional material to your location a few weeks ahead of time.  All you need to do is have people sign up and we do the rest. Then if you like we can come in once or twice a month or more and help keep your customers teeth their whitest and at the same time generate extra income for you and your business.


Start your own teeth whitening business

If you decide that you want to have your own teeth whitening business within your current business or as a standalone business we can help. We will show you what is required, and make available the equipment and products you need to be successful.

We  even offer training for new business owners and employees to become certified

Teeth Whitening Technicians. We do not take a percentage of your sales but instead only require that you purchase and use Abella Ultra-White™ Products exclusively. 


Contact us to find out more about partnering with Columbus Teeth Whitening either by having us do the whitening for your customers or to find out how we can work together so you can have your own successful teeth whitening business.   


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