20-Minute Express Whitening


Whiten your teeth 4 to 12 shades in 20 minutes!


Our 20-Minute Express Whitening whitens teeth 4 to 12 shades. Expect to whiten as much in 20 minutes as you would using white strips or an at home teeth whitening kit for 2 weeks!  Our system very rarely causes sensitivity which is very common with white strips and whitening done at a dentist office. 


Our 20-Minute Express Whitening is sometimes offered at salons, spas, other locations, tradeshows, and other teeth whitening events.  Partnered locations and upcoming events are listed below. Regular price is $128. Event pricing will be no more than $79 per person. 


Please contact our partners directly for questions about pricing or to make an appointment at their location. If you have questions about the procedure, please send us an email at: email@columbusteethwhitening.com.


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