Columbus Teeth Whitening locations provide a clean, safe, relaxing atmosphere to have your teeth professionally whitened.


Because we are teeth whitening technicians and not dentists our customers don't have to worry about us trying to

get them to switch dentists or purchase other procedures before or after whitening their teeth with us. 

Abella Ultra-White™ Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Products were formulated to obtain superior results without side effects such as sensitivity. If you are considering professional teeth whitening elsewhere, be sure to search the internet for the product they use to see if people complain about pain or sensitivity.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?


Decades of research have proven bleaching to be both safe and effective when supervised by a dentist or other Whitening Professional. There are products out there that contain alcohol, dyes and other ingredients that can damage the structure of the teeth. If you have a known allergy to peroxide or have gum disease or other dental conditions, you should not whiten your teeth until these conditions are eliminated. Therefore we recommend seeing a dentist at regular intervals. Although our whitening gel is safe to use, we recommend not using any teeth whitening products while pregnant or breastfeeding. Teenagers should have their permanent teeth for 2 years and be at least 14 years old before whitening. If you are under the age of 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Although our process will not harm artificial dental work, as in all teeth whitening procedures, those areas will not whiten more than their original color.

Why Columbus Teeth Whitening?


Besides we only recommend companies who use products that are made in the USA.  We have been monitoring these companies since March of 2012 and have helped over thousands of people obtain a whiter smile. And because keeping your teeth their whitest requires repeat treatments, our customers enjoy special pricing and a fantastic referral program. 


Our customers often tell us that they never imagined how easy and affordable teeth whitening could be and wish that they would have known about us sooner. 

The Procedure


After a pre-treatment and applying a gum and lip protector, a certified Teeth Whitening Technician prepares a mouth tray with a professional strength whitening gel.  The customer inserts the mouth tray, and an accelerator in the form of a Blue LED light, sometimes called a laser, is placed in position. We use only Abella Ultra-White™ products which are made in the USA and are Kosher Certified so sensitivity is very rare. 


Just like getting your hair or nails done, tooth whitening is not permanent.  

We keep our prices affordable so you can keep your teeth their whitest.

Results from any teeth whitening procedure will fade as much as 50% within 6 months.  We have found that continued whitening will make your teeth whiter and keep them whiter for a longer period of time.


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